Victor Worley founded Worley Consulting in 2004. Victor's vision is to provide companies with an unbiased consulting service in a market saturated with vendors. These days it is increasingly difficult for a company to determine the right technology and best vendor for a project. Vendor alignment has never been more difficult. "Vendors will always quote services and products that are in their best interest, but may not always be in the best interest of the client," says Victor. Worley consulting is armed with more than two decades of experience. Worley service offerings are built on the following foundation:
  • Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) as certified by the industry standards setting body - BICSI. This certification requires continuing education to stay current on changing standards as driven by emerging technologies.
  • Product Knowledge - Vast experience with a multitude of manufacturer's products and understanding of the life cycle of such products allow for optimal integration of available technologies.
  • Experience - The knowledge that comes from working as an Installer, Lead Technician, Project Manager, System Designer, Quality Control Manager and business owner ensures a well rounded approach to the implementation of network infrastructure. This experience guarantees the infrastructure will be based on sound technology choices, which are successfully installed and perform at an optimal level, while maintaining the appropriate budgetary parameters.
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