Worley Consulting services offered are designed to provide an extension of current capabilities in the design, acquisition and on-going maintenance of network infrastructure. These services include:
  • Program Management - The management of internal and external requirements including design team, internal customers, construction team, and re-location appointments and activities which can be critical in an environment with multiple concurrent projects in play.
  • System Integration - Integration services allow clients to balance price and performance in light of emerging technologies and a specific set of clearly-defined requirements. WCI works with clients to document these requirements before project inception, providing easily identifiable milestones for the project. Additionally, our grassroots experience with RF technology (wired and wireless), traditional infrastructure and IP based systems provide WCI clients with the subject matter expertise critical to the success of any project. This approach ensures interoperability of components and a comprehensive project plan to ensure successful implementation whether it be a simple RF system or a complex IPTV deployment.
  • Project Definition and Management - For clients who have large scale additions and/or modifications being planned or proposed, the initial steps of concept planning, specification development, technology identification and budgetary requirements are key. The integrity of this information is important to the development of project documents that include such things as Feasibility Study, Business Case Justification, Request For Proposal, Scope of Work, and Preliminary Budget.
  • WCI Catalog - Oftentimes, procuring product for projects is the responsibility of contractors. While this may seem logical, it doesn't position your company for consistency in price or specifications going forward. Working with Worley Consulting to specify components, negotiate pricing and ensure channel availability provides the consistency business look for; wrapped up with an online portal showing spec sheets, inventory, tracking information and purchase history. The WCI Catalog puts your business in a direct relationship with Distribution and Manufacturers!
  • On-going Support & Preventative Maintenance - Worley Consulting offers all services above at a reduced rate if under an on-going support agreement. Support agreements are structured for proactive maintenance that anticipate needs and ensure smooth operations during routine workflow and open project periods.
  • IPTV Headend Design/Construction - As the complexity of IPTV subsystems will continue to exist for the foreseeable future, WCI steps up to fill a key position in the IPTV market place. Typically IPTV headends consist of 7 or more sub systems with multiple variations of applications and vendors. Understanding where to focus becomes the goal in establishing an end-to-end working IPTV Headend system. Starting with the downlink, typically Simulsat, thru receivers, middleware, DRM, VOD, Element Management, and finally Set Top Boxes, WCI assist in getting systems operational in the shortest time possible. Additionally, thru relationships with Content Aggregators, WCI can assist in securing licensing for IPTV, traditional RF or even RF Overlay systems such as PON or Active Ethernet distribution infrastructure.